How do you make brown ? Learn in this page how!

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How To Make Brown Paint

Simple guide where I pretend to show you how easy is making the brown color using other colors. With the wide range of low chroma colors which are similar to brown, those ranges in hue from yellows through to oranges and reds. But there still are a few colors that may help you in the process of making brown paint!


3 Step Guide of How to Make Brown Paint!

1- Get a a color wheel that shows primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

(If you don´t know which are them, just read the list below)
    • Primary Colors (Red, Yellow, Blue)
    • Secondary Colors (Orange, Green, Violet)
    • Tertiary Colors (Brown, tans, etc)

2- Mix the Blue color with yellow to get green.

3- And then, mix green with red for obtain brown.


Alternative way of making brown:

Another away of obtaining brown is mixing orange or red color with a tiny portion of black paint, adding a little bit more black if you want it darker or adding white or any other lighter color if you want it lighter.



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